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How do I register for the HHB Mountain Trail Play Day Schooling Challenge?


Everyone must register in advance for the Play Day Schooling Challenge. Last minute registrations on Sunday, November 4th cannot be accommodated. This is our first Challenge and we want to make sure we get everything right. That means we need to know in advance how many rider/handlers are coming with their equine partners to participate in the Challenge — by Friday, November 2nd. The sooner everyone can register the better — this will give us more time to plan accordingly. Here are the steps to register:


Step 1 — Please Pre-register on EventBrite

Go to EventBrite to pre-register and give us a heads up that you are considering participating in the Play Day Schooling Challenge. You are not making any financial commitments by pre-registering. When we received your pre-registration information we will be able to contact you and walk you through the registration process.


Pre-Register on EventBrite:


Step 2 — Download the Registration Packet

You are not registered for the Play Day Schooling Challenge until you turn in all required documents. Go to the HHB website and download the Play Day Schooling Challenge Registration Packet. The packet includes the event information sheet, the registration form, the Competition Cheat Sheet, and the Judge’s Scoring Reference Sheet.


Event Info on HHB Website:


Download the Registration Packet:


Step 3 — Submit the Completed Registration Packet

Once you have downloaded the Registration Packet, we encourage you to read it from beginning to end to get a comprehensive understanding of the event and the discipline, if you have questions you can contact us at or message us via the HHB Facebook Page:


To complete your event registration you must turn in the following: 1) Completed Registration Form; 2) Signed Liability Release; 3) Signed Photo/Video Release; 4) Negative Coggins Test Results past 12 months; 5) Vaccine Records for Flu and Rhino in the past six months; and 6) Full Payment. The releases must be turned in unaltered — if you have questions about the legal documents, please contact us in advance so we can address your concerns.


Before you submit all your registration paperwork we encourage you to make a back-up copy for yourself. Before you mail your documents we encourage you to scan everything including your form of payment and email it to HHB After making a back-up copy for yourself, and scanning and emailing your forms, please mail the form, documents, and payment to Happy Hoof Beats, 4061 E. Martin Ave, Pahrump, NV 89061.


Step 4 - Download and Read the HHB Equestrian Trail Park Welcome Packet

Because many of you are just discovering HHB Equestrian Trail Park of Southern Nevada, we have created a Welcome Packet that contains answers to nearly all your questions about the facility. All guests should be familiar with facility rules, regulations, and are expected to follow them at all times.  Note: this is a general information document and does not contain specific information about the event. You can download the Welcome Packet from the HHB website.


Download the Welcome Packet:


Step 5 - Check-In at HHB

Please arrive either Saturday or Sunday morning early enough to give yourself time to check-in so that we can handle any issues that may arise — the one thing about events is that they never go as planned. Please bring the back-up copy of your registration form, releases, equine health records, and payment.


You may park in the Dry Camping Area — see Welcome Packet for information about Dry Camping — and then come directly to HHB to complete your check-in process, get your number, and received any last-minute updated information about the event. Once you have checked-in and received your number, then we encourage you to tack up your horse so you may warm up. No horses are allowed on HHB property before their health documents have been received and confirmed; when we give you your number that will indicate that you are registered and may come on property with your horse.


Check-out all the FAQs on the HHB website:


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