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On the day of the Challenge judges conduct walkthroughs of all the patterns with all the riders/handler to review judging rules, discuss scoring strategies, address safety issues, and answer questions. Riders/handlers will not have an opportunity to practice on the course on the day of the Challenge. As Mark Bolender says ‘we don’t practice a trail before we ride it in real life.’


Rider/handlers are encouraged to schedule lessons or park access time in advance of the Challenge, and are encouraged to attend the Demos on the Saturday before the Challenge.

Private Lessons and Trail Park Practice

If you’ve completed the Introduction to Mountain Trail curriculum through a public coaching clinic or semi-private lessons, you are eligible to book open riding time on the Trail Park for practice, and you can also book private lessons on the Trail Park to get additional coaching. HHB Equestrian Trail Park of Southern Nevada is available again for park access starting Friday, October 19 and is open five days a week, closed on Mondays and Thursdays.


To book Trail Park access use this form:


To book a Lesson use this form:

Introduction To Mountain Trail Curriculum Semi-Private Lessons

HHB now offers the Introduction to Mountain Trail curriculum via semi-private lessons for one to six riders that can be scheduled at days and times that work for your busy lifestyle. These coaching sessions are designed to introduce riders and horses to the Extreme Mountain Trail essentials. HHB offers the regular two-day session for 4 to 6 riders, and the one-day session for 1 to 3 riders. Upon successful completion of the clinic, rider/horse pairs will be able to reserve trail park access at Happy Hoof Beats (HHB) Equestrian Trail Park of Southern Nevada for group lessons, private lessons, as well as open riding. There are a few opportunities on the calendar between Oct 18 and Nov 2nd to Introduction to Mountain Trail Semi-Private Lessons.


To inquire about setting a up lesson please use this form:

Schooling Challenge Demos, Mock Judging and Practice on Saturday, November 3rd

For those who can’t get into a Mountain Trail coaching clinic or semi-private lesson, we have one final option for you before the Schooling Challenge on Sunday, November 4th. On Saturday, November 3rd riders will have an opportunity to learn Mountain Trail competition essentials, watch demonstrations, receive judge’s critics through mock judging, and spend time in the arena and the equestrian trail park practicing. Riders and auditors both welcome. While this day’s experience does help you and your family become familiar with the fun and fast-growing Mountain Trail discipline and does give you the opportunity to complete in the Play Day Schooling Challenge, it does not take the place of an Introduction to Mountrail Clinic, and does not give you the ability to book private access to the Trail Park. You can attend a public clinic or book semi-private lessons to complete the Introduction to Mountain Trail curriculum.


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