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Yes! Mountain Trail is an exciting sport to watch and HHB welcomes spectators free of charge on Sunday, November 4th. The HHB Equestrian Trail Park features a lot of viewing areas for spectators with seating. We also encourage folks to bring their own chairs or cushions if they like for extra comfort, and to wear clothing that protects them from the sun and wind.


Spectators can attend on Saturday, November 3rd as well for a small $10 ‘auditing’ fee. Saturday is a ‘mini-clinic’ day featuring demonstrations of basic horsemanship skills for Mountain Trail — both in-hand and under-saddle, a review of the scoring system, and an opportunity to participate in mock judging with certified IMTCA judges. While Participants will not receive any personal coaching on the obstacles, they will have the opportunity to practice on the obstacles on their own. Spectators can sign up to Audit Saturday by downloading the Registration Packet and submitting it in advance or bringing it with them on Saturday morning.


Schooling Challenge Information and Registration Packet which includes the Competition Cheat Sheet and Judges Scoring Reference Sheet:

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