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Riders/handlers may compete in Western or English tack. Attire should be presentable clean, and free from torn or frayed items. Horses may be ridden bitless or bridleless without penalty.


For in-hand work halters and lead ropes must be rope, leather, or synthentic; lead ropes shall be sufficient length to safely maneuver the obstacles — 12’ - 14’ is recommended.


The following tack is acceptable: halters, cavessons, bosals, bosalitas, or nosebands under the bridle.

The following tack is not acceptable: lead chains and correction halters; halters, mechanical hackamores, or other styles of bitless headstalls that apply compressive pressure are not allowed; standing and running martingales are not allowed; draw reins are not allowed.


Other information: Equipment must allow for two fingers to fit between the equipment and the horse’s nasal plate; splint boots are recommended and allowed.


See the Official IMTCA Rule Book for all rules about tack and equipment:

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