Happy Hoof Beats Equestrian Center and NVS Morgans Announce Leading-Edge Equestrian Alliance: The Southern Nevada Equestrian Cross Training Initiative.
Monday, April 8, 2019 at 1:13AM

Envision a world where equestrians experience unimagined possibilities in their horsemanship journey.


Barbara H. Callihan and Lisa Horning have joined forces and bring together more than 100 years of combined award-winning equestrian experience, expertise, passion, and joy across multiple disciplines. Their mission is to deliver high quality, diverse, and unique learning opportunities and events to the Southern Nevada equestrian community that expose trainers and riders to new, creative, and fun ways to strengthen their partnership with their equine partners and achieve their personal horsemanship goals.

Opportunities being explored by Barbara and Lisa for this initiative include:

Barbara and Lisa have joined forces because of a shared vision that versatility is the secret to a better overall partnership with your equine partner. They believe that crosstraining across multiple working disciplines elicits enrichment of any horse’s development. The benefits of crosstraining your horse include improved symmetry and balance, posture, responsiveness, flexibility and communication between horse and rider. It also promotes soundness, an agile mental capacity, muscle conditioning, straightness, and smooth transitions. Exposure to multiple working disciplines builds confidence in the rider by encouraging them to focus on their own cues, posture, and quietness of the hands, which allows them to be more in sync with their horse. When combined these benefits lift equestrian athleticism to new heights and strengthens the partnership and bond between riders and their equine partners.

Additionally, exposure to a wide variety of philosophies, techniques, and skills gives equestrians access to many successful approaches, allowing them to create personal and customized approaches to achieving personal equestrian excellence. Supporting each equestrian’s personal and spiritual horsemanship journey is at the heart of their collaborative initiative.

Lisa has taken her next steps by retiring from employment to embrace her equestrian journey full-time and to specifically launch this initiative — her newest passion. Her immediate goals are to become a certified Extreme Mountain Trail judge, a certified judge in Western Dressage and Cowboy Dressage — followed by becoming an ‘r’ rated judge in all disciplines for Morgan breeds — her favorite breed, and eventually a National Reining Horse Association judge — her competitive passion of passions.

Barbara has taken her next steps to join Lisa in this initiative by making her facilities available for the clinics, events, and lessons. She will also lead and direct all the training, seasoning, finishing and showing of all horses that will be acquired and prepared for sale. And finally, she is working closely with Lisa who has committed herself to become an assistant trainer and protege.

Both Barbara and Lisa are enrolled in the upcoming Western Dressage Train the Trainers™ clinic hosted by the California Western Dressage Association on Monday and Tuesday, April 15 and 16 at Cottonwood Farm in Las Vegas. This two-day Train the Trainers™ program, originally developed by the Western Dressage Association of America®, is designed to educate professional trainers, judges and Western Dressage enthusiasts who want to learn the standards of Western Dressage and how to train, hold clinics, show and judge this exciting new discipline.

As their first venture, Barbara and Lisa have purchased a Morgan mare that will be trained Extreme Mountain Trail and reining; upon completion of training, the mare will be offered for sale. The mare is an NVS Midas grand-daughter, Jaf Sunrise Prairie Rose — fondly known as Moxie. Lisa’s dedication in her breeding program of selecting specific bloodlines is a credit to her belief in the Morgan Breed and her consistent protection of breeding for the quality of the working Morgan through her stallion NVS Midas, who has passed these preferred traits to Moxie, his grand-get. Barbara has been working with Moxie for one month in an Extreme Mountain Trail training program and already exhibits an extremely sound mind and excellent work ethic. Stay tuned as in this venture unfolds.

Barbara Callihan introduces Moxie to the Swinging Bridge at Equestrian Trail Park of Southern Nevada.

The date of their second venture will be announced this week, as they are excited to bring Olympic Dressage trainer and clinician — Sasha Stark — to Happy Hoof Beats Equestrian Center for individual coaching clinic sessions. Watch for more information to be released soon.

Sasha Stark on Chocolat, June 15-17, 2012 Golden State Dressage Classic***, 61% at Grand Prix.

We invite you to share in Barbara and Lisa’s love of learning, to experience the joy of following your equestrian dreams, to experience support and encouragement from professionals who want you to succeed, and to discover new possibilities in horsemanship.

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