Equestrian Coaching Edge Returns with three Cavalletti Sessions — Spring '17
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 9:11PM

by Barbara H. Callihan

Karen Vowell and Maja Duch. Photo by Barbara H. Callihan

With Southern Nevada spring riding weather beckoning for us to shake off the winter “hoo -hum” and enjoy the many horse activities in our area, I have been asked to offer my Equestrian Coaching Edge™ cavalletti series. Participants in previous Equestrian Coaching Edge (ECE) sessions have shared with me the many positive rewards that the cavalletti sessions have given them and their horses. Participants have also shared that as they were learning they also realized they had fun and enjoyed the support of the hhb team and other session riders.

The purpose of Equestrian Coaching Edge™ is to build a community where equestrian riders gather and learn together in order to achieve personal horsemanship goals. This innovative and affordable cooperative learning program is designed to create new possibilities in horsemanship achievement across multiple disciplines by offering similarly-skilled riders unique cooperative learning opportunities. Each session delivers specific curriculum, and features personalized coaching and peer-to-peer activities in an environment that fosters confidence, safety, mastery, enjoyment, fellowship, and celebration. More information.

I am very excited to respond to your requests by offering all three cavalletti sessions back-to-back-to-back and continue to offer ECE sessions that are designed to help you and your horse to continue to develop confidence, communication, and a brave heart. I know each rider and horse will have more enjoyable and safe future trails. Looking forward to meeting new and returning horse enthusiasts.

Cavalletti Level One — Intro to Basics | Sunday, May 21

Cavalletti Level Two — Mastering the Basics | Sunday, June 04

Cavaletti Level Three — Intermediate Skills and Grids | Sunday, June 25

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