Equestrian Coaching Edge™ 2017

Gather. Learn. Master.

The purpose of Equestrian Coaching Edge™ (ECE) is to build a community where equestrian riders gather and learn together in order to achieve personal horsemanship goals. This innovative and affordable program is designed to create new possibilities in horsemanship achievement across multiple disciplines by offering similarly-skilled riders unique cooperative learning opportunities. Each session delivers specific curriculum, and features personalized coaching and peer-to-peer activities in an environment that fosters confidence, safety, mastery, enjoyment, fellowship, and celebration.




Spring 2017 Curriculum


Sunday, May 21 | 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Cavalletti Work Level One: Introduction to Basics

Discover how principles of cavalletti work can boost your horsemanship skills. Through personalize coaching this session delivers essential cavalletti terminology and exercises that help develop balance, core strength, steady tempo, confidence, communication, and trust for both horse and rider.

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Sunday, June 4, 2017 | 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Cavalletti Work Level One: Mastering the Basics

Begin to harness the basic principles of cavalletti work to take your horsemanship skills to the next level. Through personalize coaching this session reinforces essential cavalletti terminology and grid exercises, giving riders and horses the opportunity to experience breakthroughs in developing a partnership with your horse through balance, core strength, steady tempo, confidence, communication, and trust.

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Sunday, June 25, 2017 | 8 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Cavalletti Work Level Three: Intermediate Skills and Grids

Use intermediate cavalletti principles to begin to access transformational horsemanship skills. Through personalize coaching this session introduces intermediate cavalletti terminology and grid exercises, giving riders and horses the opportunity enhance their partnerships, continuing to improve balance, core strength, steady tempo, confidence, communication, and trust.

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Enjoy photos from Equestrian Coaching Edge Sessions

Thanks to our photographers Michelle Phillips and Team HHB member Karen Vowell, we have some great images from all the sessions posted on Facebook—check them out. Note: these links work even if you don’t have a Facebook account.

The Warm Up: Intro to Flexibility
Intro To Trail
Beginning Flexibility
Beginning Trail
The Warm Up: Intro to Lateral Control
Distinguishing Leads: Feeling vs Looking

During our first nine sessions Participants and Auditors enrolled into 33 individual sessions, and accessed the transformation possibilities available through personalized group coaching. With the unwavering support and dedication of Team HHB, we launched this exciting new coaching concept. The feedback from the Pahrump and Las Vegas horse communities has been positive, and together we, through this innovative program, reached a new benchmark in equestrian excellence.




Program Outline

Session Schedule

Sessions are scheduled once or twice a month in the spring and fall.

Session Size | 6 Participants on Horseback

Each ECE session will allow a maximum of six participants on horseback, to ensure personalized coaching and to maximize peer-to-peer engagement.

Session Length | 2 Hours+

Each ECE session will last at least two hours. Some sessions may go longer, so that they end at an appropriate time—when all participants can celebrate successfully learning and employing demonstrated curriculum

Session Summary

Each ECE session features coaching and peer-to-peer activities focused on specific topics, techniques, and/or strategies that present participants the opportunity to achieve their personal horsemanship goals.




Single Session Pricing

Participants | $55

The cost for each ECE session is $55 per participant on horseback.
Note: prices do not include online registration fees.

Auditors | $25

The cost for each ECE session is $25 per auditor.
Note: prices do not include online registration fees.

Multi-Sesson Discount Packages | Save 10% to 25%

Discount packages are available for participants who are interested in registering in a minimum of three sessions. Advance purchase required. See discount package information below.
Purchase your multi-session package now!
Note: prices do not include online registration fees.

Alternate Payment Methods | Cash and Check

If you do not have a credit card or ATM card, or you would prefer to pay by cash or check, contact Barbara H. Callihan at 702-327-2272 or email at Payments must be received five days before each scheduled session to reserve your spot.




Multiple-Session Discount Packages

Based on initial feedback from our online survey, we are introducing multiple-session discount packages. The packages are designed to offer affordable options for participants who are interested in attending three or more sessions over a six-month period. We are able to offer up to 25% in savings when the packages are purchased in advance. All sessions must be redeemed within six months or purchase.

Multi-session discount packages for Spring 2017 are available now!

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Discount Package Information

Package % Discount Total Discount Package Cost
3 Sessions 10% $145.00
4 Sessions 12.5% $190.00
5 Sessions 15% $235.00
6 Sessions 17.5% $270.00
7 Sessions 20% $310.00
8 Sessions 25% $330.00


Multiple-Session Discount Package Requirements & Restrictions:

  • Discount packages must be purchased in advance to receive the discount rate for each session
  • Redemption codes will be provided to participants in order to enroll in specific group session dates; participant must inform Happy Hoof Beats in advance of the sessions they will enroll in, in order to activate the discount code for those group sessions
  • Redemption codes are valid for six-months from date of purchase, at which time they expire
  • Only redemption code may be used per participant per group session date; redemption codes are non-transferable and may only be used by the participant who purchased them, or if purchased on behalf of another participant may only be used by that participant
  • Discount packages purchased on the behalf of other participants, may be assigned to only one person and may not be broken up into smaller packages, or redeemed by more than one person—all multiple-session requirements apply to recipients of these packages purchased on their behalf




What You Can Expect from Equestrian Coaching Edge™

  • Gathering and learning in a professional, safe, relaxed, and supportive environment
    • Barbara H Callihan, equestrian coach and owner of Happy Hoof Beats has more than 50 years of experience as an equestrian coach and horse trainer successfully competing across multiple disciplines
    • Happy Hoof Beats Equestrian Center is a fully equipped, clean, and well-maintained equestrian center
    • Safety First—Participants learn, practice, and employ essential horsemanship safety protocols
  • Learning and mastering curriculum—concepts, strategies, techniques, practices, and exercises that address specific horsemanship goals and challenges, and facilitate horsemanship achievement
  • Receiving individual one-on-one coaching in order to learn and clarify demonstrated curriculum
  • Observing, appreciating, and learning from the distinct ways other participants and their horses approach mastering the curriculum
  • Experiencing learning, fellowship, and success with peer participants by providing feedback, support and encouragement
  • Recognizing and celebrating individual and group mastery of the curriculum
  • Building a community of peers based on a foundation of common equestrian principles, trust, support, encouragement and success




Opportunities for the Participant

  • Longer sessions, shared with other riders, enhances and accelerates the mastering of demonstrated curriculum
  • Learns, develops, and utilizes excellent riding skills while observing, assessing, and responding to dynamic and unexpected riding environments
  • Develops the ‘learning eye’—distilling observations and making assessments of peer participants while they practice and master demonstrated curriculum
  • Builds self-awareness, confidence, and pride
    • Develops the ability to relax and ride with confidence while people are observing
    • Becomes self-aware by listening to, clarifying, and applying constructive feedback
    • Builds confidence by building on strengths and deconstructing weaknesses
    • Develops a deeper and more effective partnership with their horse based on trust
    • Fine tune the ability to feel and respond appropriately to subtle changes in a horse’s temperament and movement
  • Learn the power of effectively employing a subtle reward system, by using consistent and appropriate positive feedback
  • Amplifies personal passion for equine excellence by experiencing success, joy, and freedom in their horsemanship journey




Opportunities for the Horse

  • Inappropriate, ineffective and unsafe behaviors are mindfully corrected leveraging horse’s temperament and ability
  • Develops mental endurance, increased attention span, and the ability to multitask
  • Learns to generate rhythmic and steady gaits and transitions Increases flexibility and softness in gaits and transitions
  • Becomes accustomed to working and performing in tandem and harmony with other horses, in dynamic and unexpected environments
  • Learns to turn off and relax mentally and physically when asked Building towards confidence, patience, and trust, which supports the manifestation of a gentle and calm demeanor in diverse riding conditions and environments